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On page 245 the Belgian Dark Strong Ale recommends White Labs "WLP530 Abbey Ale IV."  According to the White Labs website, WLP 530 is the Abbey Ale and WLP 540 is the Abbey Ale IV. Which is the correct yeast? - John Paszek

Congratulations! You are the first person to report a typo in the book. The lucky thing for the readers is that you can use either yeast with excellent results in that recipe. I've used both at different times and you can even use WLP 550 with good results. The yeast I intended for the book was WLP 540, as it gives a little bit more of a fruity character which I find pleasing for this beer style. Thanks for your help!


On page 135 the 10 minute hop additions for the American Pale Ale recipe are either ¼ oz too low or the IBUs were not calculated correctly. - Ross Lunato

You are right. The 10 minute hop additions should both be 1/2 oz (14g) instead of 1/4 oz (7g). This will make a small but noticeable difference in the hop flavor. Thanks for your help Ross!


On page 195 the Dunkelweizen recipe calls for 2.2lbs (3.08 kg) of Munich LME. It should be 1.00 kg instead. - Dale Joyce

Thanks Dale. You have a much sharper eye than the proofreaders!


On page 250 (Old Ale) and on page 253 (English Barley Wine) in the All-Grain Option section it reads, "replace up to half of the American two-row malt with light extract." It should read, "replace up to half of the British pale ale malt with English pale ale extract." - Jason Colby

Thanks Jason. I must have been enjoying some of those big beers while working on this section.